Sunday, July 17, 2016

Face of Purpose

I grew up facing poverty. My parents took us their 2 daughters to slum areas giving poor families food, extending medical help, listening to painful stories, carrying fragile bodies into our young arms. It's the same fragile bodies I saw growing up on tv in Africa and other parts of the world.  Inspired by my parents who kept telling us when we were kids to give back to our community I continually serve the community, with my time, my love, and my money.  And as i earn my own money, i adopt a community/cause and donate to them.  Until i learn a different way of giving by enabling them.

In 2009, a group of new found friends who share the same vision, started a social enterprise with technology as it's medium.  I first socialized with micro small enterprises who got the gut to start a business but was cut off the profit because of "abusive" middle men.  We intervened to empower them, we tried to put an end to it until what should have been a sustainable undertaking turned into donee-donor relationship; until we run out of funds.  Each of us, went back to our professional careers but in my mind i will go back to social entrepreneurship in time.  That is the cause i wish to take, the reason for keeping at hand my involvement with an asian economic group whose trust is the same. 

Meanwhile as i continue with my work as a servant leader.  I find it fulfilling to help various teams be better in how they do their work, be more productive, be focused and be cleared of any impediments.  I find it exciting to be faced with different challenges to solve and to get people to collaborate to get a resolution.  

I love people.  I love being of service to them.  I love to be an advocate for those without voice.  I love being with different cultures. There is that feeling of unity in diversity that i can't explain - it takes to see my heart to feel it.  And i feel that there is a purpose waiting for me to face - beyond what the eyes can see...  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Angel Voices, Ever Singing!

Angel voices, ever singing round Thy throne of light, 
Angel harps, forever ringing, rest not day or night;
thousands only live to bless Thee, and confess The Lord of might!!

It's January 1, my family went to church to hear mass at the start of the 2014.

I was seated in the first pew with my family when a mom and a daughter came up and greeted my sister. They attend the same mass frequently. A young lady in her 16, armed with a smile, said hello in a soft but forceful utterance. Her speech is challenged. Her mother assisted her as she finds her seat.  Her vision is impaired.  My heart melted.

The mass started with an opening hymn.  The young lady I was seated next to sang at the top of her voice even how difficult it was. I was teary-eyed and felt that God was listening to this angelic voice in heaven...

to continue later... 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Overflow of Thanksgiving

It was 6am, i was going through my normal day prepping to go to work.  When I left home, the wind welcomed me in great multitudes.  When I reached the office, what welcomed me on the news was that a part of Tacloban was hit by a super typhoon.  Signal no 4 it shouted!  The live video paint a thousand words that kept playing in my mind.  Where is Tacloban? It's a small province in the Visayas, where houses are made of cheap materials.  Materials that won't resist the wrath of typhoon.  I got scared for them but that's all i can do for now.  The day went by with the pre-occupation of tasks at work, my own little world. 

A lot of us chose to live within our own worlds, pre-occupied by our selfish motives, the 'I' dreams and "me" goals.  In the onset of the typhoon Haiyan, we are called to stretch out ourselves and give our time money and resources to people who barely who have lives to live.  

When there is no shelter, no food, no family what is there to live for?   

Quoting Dean Andy Bautista: "It is difficult to find meaning in this most recent tragedy.  So much senseless death and suffering.  Is this part of some divine plan or perhaps divine retribution?"  

The God of life has taken away lives… The God of mercy has in front of us merciless killings brought about by nature.   Who could fathom that?  No one!  It's far beyond our human frailties.  What we could understand and could do something about is to lend people a hand.    

A personal account of Dean Andy's colleague, who is based in Manila but born and bred in Tacloban City but flew to her hometown last Monday to see what had become of her family, loved ones with whom there was absolutely no contact since the storm hit:

I feel aggrieved when I hear unconfirmed double (and triple) hearsay about negative things back home but let me concentrate on the positive for the moment.  For the past week, I relied on (and continue to rely on) the kindness of strangers on the streets of Tacloban and on the phone lines of Manila to get help to friends and family back home.  The guy who gave my friend and I a ride on his motorcycle so we didn't have to walk in the sweltering heat from the airport to the city; the teenager who gave my aunt his only bottle of water; the stranger who lent my uncle his cell phone so my uncle could text me that he was stranded at the airport; the soldier who helped my brother lift my 100-year-old grandmother into the crowded military plane -- these are the people I choose to honor and to cite.  My own personal heroes.  So yes, there is social as well as natural distress in a city I continue to love but can hardly recognize.  Yes, there is violence in some quarters and incompetence in others.  But there is also unbelievable empathy, generosity and consolation from the most unexpected of sources.  I choose, at this point, to cling to the light and the hope that it will overcome the darkness.

So while much was taken, much abides.  And this is where the importance of maintaining the right perspective and attitude comes into play.

As a final literary thought, let me recount the last lines in Thornton Wilder's Bridge of San Luis Rey which ought to explain the inexplicable --why five people plunged to their deaths after a rope bridge they were crossing broke:  There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning. 

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S, the Filipinos are one in celebration because of the myriads of help that are freeing us day by day. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Meaning

According to different sources, Easter originated from various groups.

There is that mythical figure named Eostre which was believed to be a symbol of sunrise and/or spring. From the east comes the sun.  When there is sunrise, one sees a new day.  When it is spring, one sees new life.

For Pagans, it is some rites of spring.  For Jews, the passover (God delivered them out of Egyptian bondage).  For Christians, it is the highest form of celebration --Christ resurrected in Easter. For kids, it is bunnies, decorated eggs, and treats.

Different origins, different meanings, different celebration.

Whatever it may mean, what surely brings is great tidings of joy..

At least for most of us..

Being surrounded with kids, Easter has sprouted two observations in the family. Being in a Christian community, we are obligated to celebrate the mass first.  It is important for kids to understand what Christ did to save humanity from eternal damnation (in children's language please). Second, after mass comes the "fun" and games for kids, searching for eggs and receiving gifts out of them.  This is exactly what I was expecting the kids to do today..  However, I found them at home confused, teary, afraid upon seeing me.  It was unusual... At one second, I was not sure what to do... I was not sure why...

"Mom is not home..." "Dad left..."  were the only things they said..

These kids are seeing face to face and feeling the trauma of a problematic family..  I have wished I could just take them away, out of the situation.  But I can not... My heart was wrenched when I left.. may God give them a Spring of hope..  New life.  An Easter!!!

I felt God was suffering too witnessing the scene... God's holy time, things will get better... At the very least, I hope the kids will understand what is happening and muster courage to find happiness in their lives, inspite of..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Indoor of our Life

In the month of hearts, let's stop and think about what's inside ourselves.  We will keep it "indoor" internally this time. The "outdoor" will follow... As Buddha says, "whatever you feed your mind and soul (represented by heart), it is what you become."

Being an Entrepreneur, I make a conscious effort to learn about what the business acumen practice to be successful. In one of my readings I chanced upon this author, motivational speaker named Debbie Ford. She is NY Times best-selling author and an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential.

When asked how she defines soul, she answered "Soul is a part of us that never dies... it is who we are at our core... it carries all the lessons, messages in the past... it tells us why we are here (living on earth) and what we are here to do..."

What does your soul say?