Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mr. Green Chef: Moringa "malunggay"

Malunggay or Moringa oleifera Lamk dubbed as the "best bio-food on Earth" has taken part of the main stage in agricultural programs in Asia and worldwide. Known for its various medicinal and culinary usage, many by-products of Malunggay are being discovered on a regular basis.

Containing four times more calcium and two times more protein than milk, seven times more vitamin c than oranges, four times more Vitamin A than carrots, three times more Potassium than banana, three times more Iron content of Spinach, aside from being heavy HDL (high density lipo-protein-- a rich source of amino acids, omega oils, and anti-oxidant properties), the capacity of Malunggay to be at par or to top other leafy green vegetables and other fruits is tremendous.

In the Philippines, Malunggay has been a part of the alternative/ therapeutic practices of the Filipinos. Grown as a vegetable tree or a border plant, its tree can easily grow in one's backyard and will not require a high toll on maintenance. Being geographically conducive for Malunggay propagation and production, the Philippines is now among the top Malunggay producers in the world, just running behind India, Nicaragua, Madagascar, and Hawaii.

Due to extensive proliferation of the miracle tree and the recent discovery of its healing and medicinal capacities, the Philippine Government launched in 2008 a massive campaign on Malunggay planting and by-product production. Congressman Villafuerte of Camarines Sur spearheaded the governmental initiative of propagating Malunggay thru tree-panting by utilizing 700 hectares of land devoted to the growing of the trees. The Quezon City government is urging its constituents to plant Malunggay to curb hunger and diseases. Gov. Arnaiz of Negros Oriental has 350 hectares of malunggay farm.

Jubbie Deocos of Iloilo had sun-burned and flaky due to living in the province. Upon working and living in Manila, the flakiness of the skin worsened. After using the MORINGA LOTION, his skin started peeling the dry flakes and resulted to a fairer skin. (Jubbie Deocos/Contact Information available upon request).

Mr. Renato B. Guevarra, a 76 year-old retired captain started using the powder for 2 months. His cholesterol level went down from 225 to 170 and his uric acid went down from 6.8 to 5.6. (Contact Info available upon request).

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